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 Head Office

 t: 0203 2390 236  

 e: [email protected]



 t: 0203 390 0236

 e: [email protected]

The Urbanist Fashiion Label


Founder: Gregory Ada Sola

Gregory was a client of Rachael















I was not looking for the common market entry when it came to the Urbanist brand I wanted to get in contact with small boutiques and wholesalers across the UK to stock the label. After my initial conversation with Rachael I knew she had the expertise and knowhow to help me with my project.


I cannot recommend her and thank her enough for all the work and effort she has put into making this project come alive. She has exceeded my expectations and the Urbanist brand couldn’t be in better hands.




Mary Jane Allen

Success Coach


Mary Jane worked with Rachael but at different companies





Rachel is a powerhouse of information! She's got the background and experience and proven results to get your business to the bottom line you want. She's a guru! I know her and I trust her and you'll be in the best hands as her client. She absolutely awesome with branding, marketing and any aspect of business.


She's awesome! :) Hire her and you'll be SO glad you did! :)



Mary Jane Allen

Financial Healer and Radio Host

Muhammad atif


Entrepreneur | Financial Analyst | Carbon Emissions

Analyst | Equity Research Analyst -

KSE and MENA Equity Markets


Muhammad atif was Rachael's client


Rachael is a seasoned Branding, Marketing and Niche Expert and she helps businesses and individuals achieve new clients, achieve targets and generate traffic to their website, product or services. She also helps clients enter new markets with their product, brand or service.


Rachael is truly an incredible professional and she is my strongest recommendation!

Jane Jones


Align Thoughts. Shift Focus. Produce Results





Jane was a client of Rachael


Rachael is very knowledgeable in her field. She is very personable and focussed when it comes to working with clients. I would recommend her services if you are looking to get results in business.

Hannah Kumi


Director, Rebranding Africa C.I.C.




Hannah was a client of Rachael


We were honored to have Rachael do a presentation on branding for success at our Africa Day event. I personally enjoyed listening to her. She knew what she was talking about and supported her presentation with facts. She related very well with participants using her own personal experiences. It was very refreshing to hear her sing as part of her presentation, it was unique. I will highly recommend her to anyone who needs her services.

Feyi Jegede


CEO and Founder of Real Result Fitness & Bop Along

Pre-school Dance




Feyi was a client of Rachael



"If you're looking for an expert, a mentor, someone who has done it before countless time, a motivator, a coach, and a friend, then you will find all this in Rachael Aprill Phillips. She trully is AMAZING! Feyi J (Chasing my dreams!)"

Mirada Williams

Business Owner


Mirada was Rachael’s client


Rachel has been a god sent for my business, she has helped me in more ways than one. After sitting down with her for the past 6 months I’ve seen a radical change in my business. My business has come alive. I have a new leash of life for my business since working with Rachael. What she teaches and shows you can also be applied to your personal life as well. My home life has improved and everyone keeps asking me what has happened to me.


I would highly recommend Rachael if you want to get the job done with no time wasting. She’s straight to the point, but she always does it in a loving and caring way, you can see this because it shines through everything she does.

Omar Zac Phillips

Founder of The Idea of a Man





Omar was Rachael’s client


Rachael’s eye for detail and ken insight has helped me take my ideas and turn them into a profitable business. Rachael’s business experience coupled with her flair for design and understanding the workings of the internet has enabled me to make my business an exciting journey.


Speaking with Rachael is both motivational and educational. She genuinely wants you to succeed and I hope to work with her for many years to come.


Writer and Film Producer


Prab was Rachael’s client


I came to Rachael by a recommendation from a friend who had used her services in the past. I’ve been wanting to turn my published book into a film, well when I say published I’d managed to write it down on a piece of paper. I was finding myself stuck and unable to move forwards with the project at hand. I’d been given an offer from a film production company after they had read excerpts from my book to make it into a film. So to cut the story short after coming to see Rachael I was able to formulate the whole project in just 8 months. I finished writing the book and I am now on my way to turning it into a full length film. I can’t thank Rachael enough for her wisdom and insight. She really does know what she is doing. The ideas she comes up where out of this world. She’s a friend and colleague that I’ll be keeping very close contact with for many years to come. 

Thank you sweetheart. Blessings and love XO

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Heart red large DSCF0112CUT feyi-jegede-cut hannah kumi IMG_0805CUT mary jane allen muhammad


Founder of Bride Icon


Sinni was Rachael’s client




I wrote to Rachael about improving our online bridal magazine website here on LinkedIn. Racheal has been an excellent advisor and committed in changing the shape and look of the magazine which now has an incredible outlook and design. She had continued to support us and we feel privileged to have her on board. Thank you so much, Sinni.

Winsome Duncan

Founder of We Publish Books


Winsome was Rachael’s client




Rachael's insight into marketing is remarkable and she has a fountain of knowledge when it comes to selling your product. I first came across her work on YouTube while surfing the net and I viewed several of her videos. I found her content very engaging and inspiring which gave me a new perspective on how I can excel in my career and personal life. Rachael has a gift of understanding the core elements in which one must transform into their destiny. I highly recommend her services. Thank you.

Winston Ben Clements

Keynote Speaker


Winston was Rachael’s client




I connected with Rachael after she interviewed me on her wonderful podcast show “The Secret Diary of Entrepreneurs.” After learning more about her expertise in content creation, I engaged Rachael to support me with a copywriting and editing project for several articles that were part of my newsletter series. Rachael delivered perfectly against my brief and her work was always of an excellent standard. She is very approachable, flexible and a great person to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Rachael as an expert for any content creation or branding projects.

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As founder of the Urbanist I came across Rachael from her YouTube video and then followed on to start the conversation with her on LinkedIn.


I found Rachael to be very approachable and an open book.


I’m based in Africa and I wanted to launch my fashion brand into the UK market.


I have a background in fashion but did not have a clue what I was doing and where to start in turning my ideas into reality.