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Africa’s Female Entrepreneurs, Part VIII: Rachael Aprill Phillips, Rising from Immigrant to Global Marketing Expert

Read full interview Africa’s Female Entrepreneurs, Part VIII: Rachael Aprill Phillips, Rising from Immigrant to Global Marketing Expert


































Some years later, I was teaching a business studies class at the school where I worked and had this feeling of discontentment in my gut. “Why am I teaching business studies, when I haven’t experienced what I teach?” I asked myself. So I began a degree in business management and start-ups. At the end of it, I secured funding for a laptop, some raw materials and started an online fashion company, designing the clothes myself. Before long I was learning web marketing, branding and business development and was born.


Did your family, experiences and culture influence your journey as an entrepreneur?


In Nigeria, my birthplace, my mother was a TV presenter and my father a successful car salesman running his own business. As a result we lived a privileged lifestyle. But all of a sudden things changed dramatically. My mother was (and still is at 68 years of age) a very ambitious woman. She decided to relocate to Britain.


Life in our new world was not easy. Our family went through several difficult experiences. My mother ended up working three jobs just to make sure she could put food on the table for us. We experienced homelessness on two occasions. I remember myself and three siblings sleeping on the floor of my mother’s rented office space. I saw my mother absorb the shame and reduction of status from African celebrity to cleaner and care home worker in the UK. Most of my childhood was spent in relationship with the twin sisters of wealth and struggle.





I’m so Passionate about what I do, that’s it’s not work but Art! Work with me and let’s Create a Masterpiece with your business and brand.

Featured on She Inspires Her on November 15, 2016


Rachael Aprill Phillips: The Cheerleader of Budding Entrepreneurs

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O’Brien Browne, Contributor


Pamina Mullins

O’Brien Browne an Instructor in International Management at the Orfalea College of Business, Award-Winning Author, Business & Personal Coach, Intercultural Expert, Public Speaker, Director of OpenMinds OpenMarkets




Written by Pamina Mullins

Pamina Mullins is Zimbabwean based, born in Zambia, and has lived in Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and the United Kingdom. She is a Corporate and Personal Stress Management and Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and NLP practitioner.



Serial entrepreneur and founder of, an online platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners, Rachael Phillips also works with major brands such as The Body Shop, BMW, Ghana Chamber of Commerce, The Lottery Foundation, etc. as a branding and marketing consultant, niche expert, start-up analyst and international business markets analyst. She is Director of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce UK and CEO of the Black and African Community Commerce (UK), and is based in Durham, the United Kingdom.


Pamina and OB: Rachael it’s clear that you are a born entrepreneur – when and how did this become apparent to you?


Rachael: My earliest memory of entrepreneurial spirit was while sitting in the local launderette pouring an endless stream of coins into the washing machines and thinking, “free washing for life and I won’t have to do it myself, this could be a good little earner for me”. So, I negotiated a price with the launderette owner to sell his shop to my mother and me.

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She uses these inter-related methodologies to develop, motivate and guide her diverse clientele toward reaching their full potential. Pamina’s coaching focuses primarily on Stress Mastery, Change Management, Developing Human Capital, Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Diversity. She is a blogger for the Huffington Post Business series Africa’s Women Entrepreneurs author of the kindles Stress Free You!and Unlock Your Emotion Code and contributing author to Modern-Day Miracles by Louise L. Hay and Friends, The Coaching Gurus, and Radiant Survivor.

Read full interview Rachael Aprill Phillips: The Cheerleader of Budding Entrepreneurs

Featured on huffington Post 12/02/2016 06:02 am ET

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featured thoughtcatalog on April 28, 2019


How To Turn Your Impossible Dreams Into Reality

Everyone, at some point of their life, has dreamed of being somebody special, somebody big. Who hasn’t fantasized about being Ellen Degeneres, Tiger Woods or Oprah? Even closer to home, who hasn’t dreamed of falling in love? And how many times have we dreamed of being rich, or successful, or happy with our relationships?


I can’t tell you how many times I used to go to bed after watching a film on Netflix and start to dream of distant lands, of being swept off my feet in a whirlwind romance with the man of my dreams – only to awake with the corner of my pillow in my mouth.

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featured sivava east on April 28, 2019


How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Bring You Wealth And Happiness


Whether you believe there are cosmic energies that can bring you wealth and happiness, or you think that’s just a bunch of baloney, the principles that the Law of Attraction are based on can help you get through many ups and downs that come along with life. The Law of Attraction is basically a theory that claims that whatever you think about on a regular basis becomes attracted to you like a magnet. For example, if you consistently have a negative attitude, bad things will continue to happen to you.

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